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Hi to all,

Il 15/02/2014 20:46, Rachel Hamilton-Williams ha scritto:
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> Subject: newbie trying to catalogue the first book!!!!!

> Here are some of the problem fields and my questions:
> *200(5) t2 *what does it want here? Library name? My version of koha
> says here: /Nom de institution à laquelle s'applique cette zone - /don't
> ask *me *why it's in French!
> If so is there a way not to write every single time?
> *200(e)* Other Title Information
> As the field is mandatory what do I write here???

I think you are using Unimarc, the field 200 $5 is Library Name.

To cataloguiing you need to use MARC Frameworks.

Now the answer about 'Are those subfields mandatory (200$5 and 200$e) ?'
is : YES

But you can change the situation, you need only to setup your
MARC Frameworks as you like them.

To change MARC Frameworks read this section of the manual:

Italian translation here: 

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