[Koha] Zebra & Yaz for 32-bit architecture - Centos 5.x

Mark Tompsett mtompset at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 7 17:32:35 NZDT 2014


As I already hinted before, don't use CentOS 5.x, use CentOS 6.x!

And also, compile from source: 

You are causing yourself a lot of headaches trying to shoehorn a newer 
version of Koha which requires perl 5.10 into an OS which has perl 5.8 by 
default. Not to mention the headaches you are having trying to get the 
dependencies. CentOS 6.x is still painful for the dependencies, but it is 
more likely to succeed, since there are wiki pages for it.

And if you have the ability, choose Debian, Ubuntu, or some other 
Debian-based Linux variant.

Again to summarize:
- Use CentOS 6!
- Compile from source

Mark Tompsett 

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