[Koha] Unexpected behavior in 3.14 bootstrap OPAC User login

Elaine Bradtke eb at efdss.org
Tue Feb 4 07:18:51 NZDT 2014

A  mystery:
We recently implemented the bootstrap OPAC theme in our production site and
updated the system to 3.14.2.  The IT half of the team (Doug Kingston)
mentioned that since we started using bootstrap he is sent to an unexpected
screen in the OPAC. The home screen is the same, but after a very short
pause he is sent to a screen that says Welcome Doug Kingston. We have user
logins disabled on the OPAC, and he never saw the login box, it just did it
automatically and invisibly (he was logged into the Admin. site at the
time). But that's not the only mystery.  It only happens to him, not to me.
 We both have Superlibrarian status, we're running the same OS (X 10.9.1)
on our nearly identical laptops, we're using the same browser (Chrome). . .
I thought it might be because I have DoNotTrackMe running in my browser.
But I tested it on another instance of Chrome without DoNotTrackMe running
(on a virtual machine running XP) and it still doesn't log me into the
OPAC. I also tried it on Firefox, but in either case I can't get it to
replicate what it does for Doug.   He suspects it has something to do with
cookies, but hasn't had a chance to delve any deeper into the problem other
than to verify that it doesn't happen in an incognito window. Another
variable may be auto login features in Chrome and  LastPass. If Doug turns
off LastPass, the auto login stops (though it never happens on my computer
in either browser with LastPass turned on).

The library staff has gone home for the day, so I don't know if any of them
has noticed this quirk. The response to the new theme has been otherwise
quite positive.

I'm tempted to take  the precaution of switching the theme back to prog, on
the extremely remote chance that there's an underlying security issue

Thoughts, comments, has anyone else seen this happen?
Elaine Bradtke
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