[Koha] Testing Koha 3.16.01 SIP

Manos PETRIDIS egpetridis at gmail.com
Wed Dec 24 21:37:55 NZDT 2014

Out of curiosity: telnet is a terminal emulation program, back from the
days of 7/8 bit character sets. In order to display non-Latin characters
one would have to set the proper emulation protocol and character set used,
both in the server and the client sides and on a per-terminal basis. Where
does one make such declarations in koha?


On Wednesday, December 24, 2014, Abdulsalam Yousef <ayousef at kwareict.com>

> Hello All,
> When testing koha 3.16.01 SIP using telnet by trying to run this command
> 2300120080623    172148AOCL|AA123456|ACsipstation01|ADbadpassword
> we get the following result
> 24YYYY      YY  00120141224    055624AE???? ????|AA123456|AFGreetings from
> Koha.
> where (???? ????)  is an Arabic name of the user, We are asking why the
> Arabic names appear as question marks.
> Thanks.
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