[Koha] Record matching rules setup for the 024

Steve Sowder sowder at andrews.edu
Wed Dec 17 06:25:41 NZDT 2014

Other than the scores I have the same setup that you show.

However, I also have problems matching on records in this matching rules 
and in others.

I can load 5,000 records with a mix of updates and new records. It will 
show me records that match in the display. But, it treats all 5,000 as 
new records. No overlays.

I have found that if I then reverse the load and reload it, it will do 
the matching and update old records and add the new.

You might try that and see if it works for you.

I have reported this before as a bug but was told that if I wanted it 
fixed I will either have to find someone and pay them or fix it myself.

sowder at andrews.edu

On 12/15/2014 5:40 PM, Hillyard, Cecil wrote:
> Hello,
> I've been trying to set up record matching rules for the 024  using the following :
> Match point 1
> 1. Search index: Identifier-other
> 2. Score: 1000
> Matchpoint components
> 1. Tag: 024
> 2. Subfields: a
> 3. Offset: 0
> 4. Length: 0
> 5. Normalization rule: Identifier-other
> However, it does not work.  Records I am importing do not find matches and I know that some of the records in the small batch of records I am trying to import do have the same 024s.
> We are on Koha 3.16.03
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