[Koha] Catalogue - SQL Report Help (Paul A)

Kerrie Stevens KStevens at harvest.edu.au
Thu Dec 11 14:19:06 NZDT 2014

Hi Paul & Heather,

The report you developed for Satish below is very helpful, but I'd like to tweak it a little differently -  I've tried every variation I can think of with no luck (I don't have very much SQL experience)... how can I get it to select by branch, rather than collection code?

SELECT DISTINCT b.biblionumber, b.title, b.author, t.editionstatement,
t.publishercode, t.isbn, i.ccode, count(i.itemnumber) FROM biblio b LEFT JOIN
biblioitems t USING(biblionumber) LEFT JOIN items i USING(biblionumber)
WHERE i.ccode=<<Enter collection code>> GROUP BY b.biblionumber

Thanks so much for your sharing of this report.

Kerrie Stevens
Harvest Bible College
Melbourne, Australia

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