[Koha] Potential XSS attack vector in opac

Robin Sheat robin at catalyst.net.nz
Wed Dec 10 18:01:32 NZDT 2014

Chris Cormack schreef op wo 10-12-2014 om 12:46 [+1300]:
> I have reported the bug, and I am just uploading a couple of patches,
> (one for master/3.18 which is bootstrap) and one for 3.16 which has
> the change for bootstrap and prog

Packages for 3.18.01 have been released to the 'squeeze' repository. 

The 'oldstable' repository will get 3.16 when an update for that have
been released. Note that it currently contains 3.14.11, so this will
also be an upgrade for that (which I'd rather didn't happen, but I was
waiting for 3.16.05 anyway before updating it.)

I expect this to happen tomorrow, though I'll be conferencing then so I
can't promise exactly when it'll happen. 

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