[Koha] Cloud-based Koha vs locally hosted Koha

Jesse Lambertson jlambertson at sqcc.org
Wed Dec 10 05:04:49 NZDT 2014

Happy Tuesday everyone,

I have a question about installation of Koha.

Relative to hosting Koha in the cloud as opposed to on our own local
servers on our domain (which I assume most people do), what is the thinking
about the ease of installing and updating if it is hosted "externally"
versus on our own servers?

What steps might drastically change if we install Koha in the cloud?

Are there any security issues I should be concerned about in either case?

Thank you in advance for your thoughts.


Jesse A Lambertson
Sultan Qaboos Cultural Center
1100 16th St, NW
Washington, DC 20036

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