[Koha] Check in error (pm for Jesse Lambertson)

Paul Poulain paul.poulain at biblibre.com
Sat Dec 6 05:27:59 NZDT 2014

Le 05/12/2014 16:28, lspitaels a écrit :
> The problem seems to solved now.
> The shelving location was missing and I couldn't see it without your
> intervention.
Question at 14:58, problem fixed at 16:28.
Do you understand why you must choose Koha downloaded from 
koha-community.org ;-)

PS: just kidding.
(And to speak frankly, not all questions have a so quick answer. But 
that's not uncomon either. And if you ask a detailled question, with 
environment explanations you get more chances though)

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