[Koha] EBSCOHost and Koha? Is anyone using/integrating both?

Hartman, David W. - Tech Library David.W.Hartman at disney.com
Fri Aug 22 04:05:50 NZST 2014

I am considering going with EBSCO Host ...

I have a few questions if anyone can answer.

1.       DOES THIS MAKE SENSE:   If I make EBSCOHost my main OPAC system; I can input Safari MARC records into EBSCOHost. I would only have my print book resources in Koha (and would upload them to EBSCOHost) so all resources are in EBSCOHost.

2.       CAN KOHA AND EBSCOHOST BE SYNCED: I would use Koha to track all physical resources.  In EBSCOHost they will show available (unless I can sync the two).

3.       CAN THIS BE DONE: To do so,  I would need to purge/cleanup my Koha database to only include records and items that have a barcode.  Is this easy to do?  What kind of algorithm would I need to save just those records (and their items).  Can you help me with that?

David W. Hartman
WDP&R Technology Library
Team Disney 336N

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