[Koha] OAI Sets - bug

Steve Sowder sowder at andrews.edu
Wed Aug 6 02:55:12 NZST 2014

I have discovered that if you have a record that is in multiple OAI Sets 
you cannot use the same MARC tag for mapping them.

Thus, if you have two sets with mapping as

590a  is equal to  TOM
590a  is equal to  MARY

And a record with

590a  TOM
590a  MARY

This record will be in the OAI set "TOM" and it will NOT be in the set 

If you switch the order of the 590a so that

590a MARY
590a TOM

Then the record will be in the OAI set "MARY" but not in "TOM".

Because the "map reader" stops after the first mapping match.

I consider this a bug.
It should read all of the 590a tags and map each one that is a match.

Don't forget that the MARC tag used in OAI mapping must be an indexed tag.

BTW: This is Koha V3.16.02.000

sowder at andrews.edu

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