[Koha] Open source replacement for 3M self check station

glaws glawson at rhcl.org
Thu Sep 26 05:12:59 NZST 2013

We do also try to remember that not everybody can do a configure, make,
make install, to install software. Some small libraries without tech
support staff simply would be unable to use some software if it weren't
on a CD or easily downloadable. For these sites I think it makes good
sense to just master a Linux .iso that can be installed and "just work".
If library staff have to install Linux anyway, then a pre-configured
"Library Kiosk" or "Self-checkout" distro is probably simpler than
creating packages, again, for those users who need to minimize their
exposure to synaptic or apt-get.


On 09/25/2013 10:45 AM, glaws wrote:
> I'm not aware there currently exists an open source self-checkout
> system, however we've long talked about it here at our library. I work
> with a developer, Aaron Ogle, that is currently building a PAC system,
> and when he is finished with that if we have the funds available I would
> like to consider funding a self-checkout development. Having already
> discussed it, we think it wouldn't be terribly difficult. Aaron already
> has a generalized framework for similar systems (a children's
> playstation and a Koha kiosk) that could be easily adapted to a checkout.
> I should note probably that all the development we support is for open
> operating systems, and all the funding we've done so far generally uses
> Linux Mint at the client end. The server side, where utilized, is more
> generalized, but we typically use Ubuntu and OpenSuse.
> Unfortunately it seems that you need a system now, and anything we do
> won't be worked on until at least mid- late-2014. This is, however, a
> good discussion topic and worth continuing.
> Greg

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