[Koha] opinions about ISBD view in OPAC

satish lis4satish at gmail.com
Wed Sep 25 18:32:18 NZST 2013


Many libraries are following AACR-2 rules for cataloging the item types.(
at least for books) and librarian has to use certain punctuation marks.
eg: comma, full stop, semi colon, etc.

while we creating bibliographic records in koha, we have to manually add
them. (while importing from LOC it is exceptional)
eg: after place of publication - comma mark is used (264a)
after date of  publication - full stop mark is used.(264c) and many more.
like... (by).(forward slash), ( dot) etc.

In ISBD view for an item in OPAC, these punctuation marks does not come up
automatically unless it is updated manually. and some times, we will forget
to add such punctuation marks also and further lacks in standard procedures
in data update.

My question is:
Is it possible to include this feature (of automatic adding of punctuation
marks ) in Koha in future releases ?
Since these punctuation marks are standard, and why it has to be added
manually in every record, since it is repeatable task ?

Any opinions about include or not to include this facility?

Thank you
Satish MV
Government Engineering College,
Hassan, Karnataka.
email: lis4satish at gmail dot com


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