[Koha] A Koha area on Stack Exchange?

Magnus Enger magnus at enger.priv.no
Mon Sep 23 20:15:55 NZST 2013

Dear Community!

There has been talk about the email lists not serving us optimaly any
longer. Liz Rea has taken some steps to check out Stack Exchange as an


However, Stack Exchange does have a vetting system for new
areas/topics before they are added to the site. The Koha topic needs
two things to move on to the next stage:

- 40 sample questions with at least 10 points/upvotes

Each user can propose 5 sample questions and give 5 upvotes.

Currently there are 8 followers, 11 example questions and the most
voted question has 3 votes.

So if you think Stack Exchange is an interesting site as an
alternative to the mailing lists, you need to:

- Sign up for Stack Exchange, if you are not already a member
- Follow the Koha topic/site
- Propose some example questions (we need at least 40)
- Vote on example questions (we need at least 40 questions with a
score of at least 10)

...at least that is my understanding of how things work. Corrections
are welcome!

Best regards,
Magnus Enger

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