[Koha] 2013-09-23 Global bug squashing day - come join the fun!

Magnus Enger magnus at enger.priv.no
Wed Sep 18 07:17:45 NZST 2013

Dear Community!

Some of the dates in Galen's RM proposal* are drawing dangerously near:

25 September 2013: feature slush**
3 October 2013: feature freeze
31 October 2013: string freeze
21 November 2013: release of 3.14.0

That's right, feature slush is just a few days away. And we have
something of a queue of things that would be cool to have in 3.14:

So let's join forces and knock those numbers way down, on Monday 23rd:
That page should give you some clues about things you can do, but if
you are unsure about how you can contribute, don't hesitate to jump on
the IRC and ask for help:

And rumour has it there will be a QA Sprint immediately the GBSD, but
Katrin will have to fil in the details of that.

Have fun!

* See http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Proposal_for_RM_3_14_gmcharlt

** Excerpt from the last general IRC meeting:

<cait> gmcharlt: can you define feature slush a little? want to
prevent any misunderstandings if possible :)
<gmcharlt> cait: feature slush -- any new features that have hit
passed QA by that date will be included in 3.14, assuming they don't
raise signfiicant QA concerns on my part
<gmcharlt> new features that have /not/ hit passed QA by feature slush
are more liable to be left for the next release; if you want something
that misses slush to make it in, you'll need to advocate for it
<thd> Why does slush have the name slush?
<gmcharlt> a partial freeze, of course

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