[Koha] Foolproof backup suggestions

Robin Sheat robin at catalyst.net.nz
Tue Sep 17 11:03:05 NZST 2013

clint.deckard schreef op di 17-09-2013 om 09:39 [+1200]:

> My first thought was to use koha-run-backups and change the location to 
> the desktop of the user that will access Koha. With the thought they 
> could drag and drop the backup folder to a usb drive when needed. But it 
> appears the --location: argument does not work with koha-run-backups.

That's a bug that ought to be fixed.

However, an option would be to leave the backups where they are, but
have a cron job that runs after the backup happens, and copies the files
somewhere else (the desktop, an external harddrive, etc.)

This also means that you have two backup copies: one on the server, and
one in the location off the server that the files go to.

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