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Paul Poulain paul.poulain at biblibre.com
Wed Sep 11 22:05:30 NZST 2013

Le 11/09/2013 09:16, Kivilahti Olli-Antti a écrit :
> Hello Koha!
Hi kivilahti,

> and greetings from the Joensuu Regional library, Finland.
Hello from Marseille, France

> -Do you have any idea if there is somekind of an updated feature
> list for Koha?
There are detailled release notes for the most recent versions:
 * http://koha-community.org/koha-3-8-0-released/ (not really nicely
formatted, I agree)
 * http://koha-community.org/koha-3-10-0-released/ (with a PDF nicely
 * http://koha-community.org/koha-3-12-0-released/ ( note the PDF :
http://koha-community.org/files/2013/05/Koha-3.12-release-notes.pdf )

> -Do you have a personal suggestion about differences between Koha
> and Evergreen communities?
I won't say anything, not knowing EG.

> -Do you have anyone in mind who could take a look at our
> requirements specification and evaluate it's compliance level to
> Koha? We have around 300 short and simple requirement tickets that
> needs to be evaluated and a handful of process schematics.
As I already said on IRC: BibLibre biggest customer is Aix Marseille
university, and it runs on a 16GB / 2xquad-core / RAID5 15k disks
Not a big hardware.

> -Any opinions about Koha performance on a medium public library? Max
> 100 000 patrons, 300 000 bibliographic records. 1 000 000 items.
does not sound a problem, frankly. The only risk is pick check-in /
check-out times. Here in France, public libraries have 4 times theirs
weekly average activity on wed PM and sat PM. So average time is not a
good measure.
We've developed some nagios routine that checks that check-in check-out
server time operation stays below 1second (<1s= green, 1-2s = yellow >2s

> I feel it would be reasonable for us to change our direction if Koha 
> provides stable performance and the most basic functionality on all 
> library modules (serials, circulation, acquisitions, reporting, 
> notifications, templates, cataloguing, interfaces etc.).
well, tell us what you need, we will tell you if Koha does it.
And if you want me to come to Finland for a few days of work, don't
hesitate to ask ;-)
Also note that a large public library from a northern european country
came here to meet 2 large french public libraries running Koha, I played
the driver & guide, don't hesitate to ask as well ;-) (if you want to
know who, ask privately, not sure I can share publicly)

> I am yet to 
> analyze the architecture and code documentation, but based on the
> Koha API descriptions I am feeling extremely positive.

What about translation ? You can see here
http://translate.koha-community.org/fi/312/ that the OPAC is 74%
complete, while the staff interface is almost not done.
It's not very hard to translate, and we could help you bootstraping

> We are targeting Q1/Q2 of 2014 for our ILS migration and are also 
> willing to pay for migration support for the COMMUNITY version of
> Koha. Support would mostly focus on daily library operations and 
> configurations. Most utility tasks regarding ILS migration have
> "almost" been resolved, like data migration, municipal participation
> and cooperation agreements, server hosting.
Well, there are several companies in Europe that can help you. None that
I know in Finland, but others (like BibLibre) speak english

Paul POULAIN - BibLibre
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Koha, Drupal, Piwik, Jasper

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