[Koha] MySQL password at Koha Live DVD

Mark Tompsett mtompset at hotmail.com
Sun Sep 8 02:43:50 NZST 2013


Having read those instructions, I would like to make two comments. Let's 
start with the positive:
The MySQL portion is fine.
Then the real reason for this reply: NEVER ASSUME A LINE TO CHANGE IS A 
Someone may have enabled a biblio or authority server and edited the XML 
file already.

I personally would suggest:
- edit the koha-conf.xml file using sudo <favorite editor> /{the path to the 
config file}/koha-conf.xml
- look for the line starting with <config> (e.g. In vi it would be exactly: 
- then a couple lines down it should be apparent.
- however, you probably want to then look for <pass> (e.g. In vi it would be 
exactly: /<pass>)
Now you are likely at the right line.

Consider this command in the package installation instructions:
$ sudo xmlstarlet sel -t -v 'yazgfs/config/pass' 
This tells you what Koha thinks is the password to access the MySQL database 
belonging to it. You may need to tweak it to be the path to your 
koha-conf.xml, but the idea is the same.

Obviously, before and after will differ.

Mark Tompsett 

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