[Koha] please help, fines settings

Mike D. black23 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 3 01:57:31 NZST 2013

Hello Koha community,
our library use this rules for fines and circulation:

Circulation periods:
books period: 30 days with 2 renewals max
journals period: 14 days with 2 renewals max

1. fine after period, price A
2. fine 30th day after 1. fine, price B
3. fine 14th day after 2. fine, price C (2x price B)
4. fine 14th day after 3. fine, price D (3x price B)
5. next fines we count per day and item.

Is possible to set this rules in Koha? I think that standard Koha fines
aren't too complex for this setup. Has some library with similar rules? Is
here some solution?

Thanks for feedback.


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