[Koha] updatedatabase.pl: Undefined subroutine &main::CheckVersion called at /home/koha/kohaclone/installer/data/mysql/updatedatabase.pl line 5342.

Manos PETRIDIS egpetridis at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 31 11:04:07 NZDT 2013

Hi all,


I have been running Koha (development/git) on a Debian VM for some months
now, with only a few problems so far. 

Tried recently to upgrade to version; when I access the Web
installer however, I get the following error and cannot proceed further, as
I'm constantly brought to the same point:

Web installer > Step 3

We are upgrading from Koha to, you must
testructure> update your database


Updating database structure

Update report :

*	Status: 500
*	Content-type: text/html
*	<h1>Software error:</h1>
*	<pre>Undefined subroutine &main::CheckVersion called at
/home/koha/kohaclone/installer/data/mysql/updatedatabase.pl line 5342.
*	</pre>
*	<p>
*	For help, please send mail to the webmaster (<a
href="mailto:webmaster at koha">webmaster at koha</a>), giving this error message
*	and the time and date of the error.
*	</p>

Update errors :

*	[Sat Mar 30 17:23:15 2013] updatedatabase.pl: Undefined subroutine
&main::CheckVersion called at
/home/koha/kohaclone/installer/data/mysql/updatedatabase.pl line 5342.


Any clues, any suggestions? 

uname -a reports ver

git shortlog is quite long to fit into a message, so I defer posting unless
someone asks for it.



Thank you in advance


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