[Koha] refine your search

Karam Qubsi karamqubsi at gmail.com
Wed Mar 27 12:52:46 NZDT 2013

Hi Sina
Did you solve this?
I'm facing the same problem
I checked that my local is utf8
and SQL and Apache.

But the problem still

Can someone help us

Is this a known bug?

Thank you Sina
Thanks for all koha community ^_^ .
On Mar 18, 2013 1:34 PM, "Sina Stewart" <sina_sina1984 at live.com> wrote:

> i'm using koha 3.8 on ubuntu 12, i have a problem in refine your search in
> non English language , every click in refine your search in ( not english
> words ) Latin or arabic languages didn't show any results and show strange
> symbol characters in browser tab,English language working very good in
> refine your search , and other language indexing excellent in koha , any
> help
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