[Koha] Follett to Koha 3 Migration

Jolanta Kaun jkaun at lcc.lt
Mon Mar 25 22:59:26 NZDT 2013


We have migrated from Follett to Koha (DOS version) in 2008.
Liblime (now PTFS) company was hired for a job. The process was quick and smooth!
We had to dump all data from Follett and instruct how to move it from field to field. When it was moved, during a trial period we have changed a few details yet. But nothing got lost. It was very well done! Did not take a month...
I guess, it is a simple process for a specialist to rearrange the data. If you could afford that, I would recommend hiring a company.


Jolanta Kaun
LCC Library/biblioteka

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I am looking for information in order to make a decision about our a new library system.

I saw you were migrating from Follet to Koha. How was it the data transfer ? Which is Follet's product you want to change for Koha ?

I am really interested to know it works now with you.

Thanks in advance, Hager
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