[Koha] Koha Help

Layale Bassil lb26 at aub.edu.lb
Thu Mar 21 04:06:11 NZDT 2013

Dear All,

I have previously sent a question about koha 3.10.03 but did not get any feedback. I have installed another version of Koha 3.08.10 maybe this would solve the problems I am having but in vain!

I will show one of the problems and I hope I can get a proposed solution for this:

1-      When I go to the MARC frameworks page (under Administration--> Marc Frameworks), I get the list of frameworks with the first two columns left empty (Code & Description).

2-      If I click on any “Marc Structure” link, I get redirected to the list of fields in the structure but also the columns are empty (Tag, Lib, etc…). But note that the drop down “In framework” found in this page shows the list of frameworks with their names.

3-      If I try to create a new catalog (More --> Cataloging --> New Record) and select any of the available frameworks, the page refreshes but does not show the list of fields to be filled.

I really would like to know your input regarding these problems. It might be a database problem or a simple missing settings while installing.

Your help is very much appreciated.

Best Regards,

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