[Koha] Ouput koha report in PDF

Doug Dearden dearden at sarsf.org
Tue Mar 12 05:05:42 NZDT 2013

Hi Moumie,

Since you mention excel I suspect you are using a Windows PC as your workstation.  If so, I can recommend cute pdf.  A free download from cutepdf.com .  You will also need to install ghostscript.  This installs like a printer, and you just choose it instead of printing from any application.  



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Hi all!
Please I need some directions on how to output koha report in PDF.
Till now I have only been able to get the excel file, make some external post processing in the spreadsheet to get what I want.

But I have a logo and header of the library that I want to embed in the report,
 then output in pdf directly out of the box from koha.
1. Is there any option in koha that a user to directly output the report in PDF ?
2. If not , it is any third party software to do this ?
3. If not is there any better way to do this ?

Koha 3.08.06
Ubuntu 12 LTS


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