[Koha] Koha search based on Language MARC fields

keeran k keeran6 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 7 18:10:27 NZDT 2013


I'm Fairly new to KOHA Software and trying to understand the background
scripting part of Koha for searching;

My objective is: To customize basic search option to find all records/items
based on language of the work/code-language, abstract language; for e.g fre
could be marked in *any one* of three fields 008/35-37, 041 or 100l MARC

Presently, I made some changes to masthead.inc to have "language" option in
drop-down of search index. it works only if language code is available in
041 field. It doesn't check for 100l and 008/35-37 MARC fields, which I
need to enable.

Please share any suggestions, directions, which perl or zebra confgi file
to work upon.


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