[Koha] Opinion regarding BZ9438 (acquisition notes)

Zeno Tajoli z.tajoli at cineca.it
Mon Jan 28 23:01:41 NZDT 2013

Hi to all,

Il 26/01/2013 21:09, Mathieu Saby ha scritto:
> Hello
> Here is a description of the bug :
> When you create a new order in a basket from an existing record , Koha
> search for the field "notes" (300 unimarc, 500 marc21) in the record,
> and copy its content in the "notes" field of the order line.
> But the note in 300/500 fields contains bibliographic information
> ("contains index" etc), whereas "note" field on the ordeline contains
> information regarding the order ("very urgent" etc).
> So the patch breaks the connexion between bibliographic note and
> acquisition note.
> Does everybody agrees with this patch?

I agree with the patch.
An acq note could be only a 9xx field, not a standard bibliographic field.

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