[Koha] Koha Upgrade

David Nind david.nind at gmail.com
Tue Jan 22 07:15:24 NZDT 2013

Hi again.

I have inherited a koha installation version 2.~ with many problems on the
> server, old version of ubuntu, full disk, and other issues.

If the Koha installation you are upgrading is the one here:

then you are actually on version 3.2.4 (from the view source for the HTML).

In that case you can ignore my previous reply - the upgrade should be
"relatively" easy.

You should be able to replace the default database for the new installation
with your current production version.

An important thing to do is follow the installation instructions when

"Koha 3.4.x or later  no longer stores items in biblio records.
If you are upgrading from an older version ou will need to do the
following two steps, they can take a long time (several hours) to
complete for large databases

 misc/maintenance/remove_items_from_biblioitems.pl --run
 misc/migration_tools/rebuild_zebra.pl -b -r"

As with all upgrades you should backup everything and test in a development


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