[Koha] KOHA Migration of Public Libraries in Turkey Project

Mustafa Arıcı mustafa.arici at neu.edu.tr
Mon Jan 21 14:23:52 NZDT 2013

Hi dear KOHA community,

We would like to say a few words about the great KOHA migration project
that is going on in Turkey lately.

This project initiated by "Republic of Turkey Ministry of Culture and
Tourism" and "Near East University".
The project itself aims to migrate all the Public Libraries that are
operating under authority of Ministry of Culture and Tourism.
And this makes up to total 1112 branches, with more than 800.000 users
total and approx. 8.000.000 bibliographic records currently.
Also it's anticipated that this movement will bring great attraction from
other libraries located around the country and also from some other
organisations as well.

As Near East University, Innovation and IT Center we are dealing with the
technical aspects of the project. Also I would like to point out that Near
East University Grand Library has been actively using a modified version of
KOHA since 2005 and made some software contributions to KOHA project from
time to time.

We are happy to announce this to the community.


Mustafa Arici
Software Developer
Innovation and IT Center - Near East University

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