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Julien Sicot julien.sicot at univ-rennes2.fr
Wed Jan 16 10:04:19 NZDT 2013

Hi Cab,

This is not a solution based on amazon web services but for information, we use the tmdb api (http://docs.themoviedb.apiary.io/) to retrieve movie covers on koha.
Even if this api don't provide full coverage of your movies, it shows good potential.
You can see an example here : http://catalogue.bu.univ-rennes2.fr/cgi-bin/koha/opac-search.pl?idx=pb&q=Paramount%20pictures%20[%C3%A9d.,%20distrib.]
To implement it, we used JQuery (see searchPoster function in http://catalogue.bu.univ-rennes2.fr/opac-tmpl/rennes2/js/script.js) and this PHP proxy web service https://gist.github.com/4541962

Julien Sicot
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Le lundi 14 janvier 2013 à 21:59, Cab Vinton a écrit :

> We don't subscribe to any enhanced content services, so Amazon is our
> only feasible source for movie cover images in the preferences.
> Amazon does not seem to assign ISBNs to movies, however, only ASINs.
> Has anyone found a way of getting images to display correctly using
> the ASIN, UPC, or other identifier. Koha relies exclusively on the
> ISBN as far as I can tell.
> A sample movie for which we have no cover image: Madagascar 3 (UPC
> 097361169941).
> We have Koha 3.8.
> Thank you,
> Cab Vinton, Director
> Sanbornton Public Library
> Sanbornton, NH
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