[Koha] Punctuation in Koha

Stefano Bargioni bargioni at pusc.it
Sat Jan 5 06:08:19 NZDT 2013

> Hi everybody,
> I have set the ISBD punctuation in the Administrator preferences, so that I
> don't have to insert manually the punctuation in cataloging; I have also set
> the punctuation in the MARC21slim2OPACDetail.xsl file for the Normal View.
> My question is: 
> is correct to have MARC21 tag without a punctuation? 
> I mean, if another Libray, that doesn't use Koha, import my records with
> Z29.50, it will have all my tags without punctuation.
> What do you think?
> Thanks and kind regards
> Sander

No, in my opinion. Please read
http://www.itcompany.com/inforetriever/punctuation.htm (no longer mainteined)
or other results from a G search for 'marc21 punctuation'.

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