[Koha] Need report help for authorities

Elaine Bradtke eb at efdss.org
Thu Jan 3 08:14:49 NZDT 2013

  We're running 3.10 and enjoying the enhanced authority features, even if
it showed up a problem with our data.  Some of our records were imported
with terms in the wrong fields so that linking to authority records didn't
work (in the biblio as a topical heading when the authority record is for a
corporate name, for example).

So, ideally I need:

1) A list of authority records that are not attached to biblios ( it would
be really useful if this included the term and type of authority).

2) A list of names and terms in authority controlled fields that aren't
linked to authorities. I realize I'll probably have to build a separate
list for each relevant MARC field.

I tried the following from the Reports Library, but it timed out:
Authors not in the Authorities
Developer: MJ Ray, software.coop
Module: Catalog
Purpose: List of author names found on biblio records but not authority
Status: Production
SELECT DISTINCT(author) AS heading
FROM biblio
      AS heading
    FROM auth_header
    WHERE authtypecode='PERSO_NAME')
ORDER BY heading

Any thoughts? My IT Guru says he will poke around in the nether regions of
the database tonight to see what he can find, but the more information I
can gather on the state of the problem, the sooner we can fix it, I hope.
Thanks and happy new year!
Elaine Bradtke
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