[Koha] Happy New Year - can you help make it even happier, please?

MJ Ray mjr at phonecoop.coop
Thu Jan 3 00:08:22 NZDT 2013

Happy New Year!

Could I cheekily suggest two New Year's Resolutions that would make the
new year even happier for people who try to help the koha community?

1. don't email koha and koha-devel both at the same time - if you do
that, the people who help the most like Chris and so on will get two
or more copies.  It would be nicer not to mailbomb them... So if it's
a usage or installation or similar request, please email koha@
lists.katipo.co.nz, while for enhancement or programming requests,
email koha-devel@ lists.koha-community.org - if in doubt, probably
email koha@ first.  If you need to resend, please mention where you
sent it before, so helpers don't repeat themselves.

2. if you edit the wiki or the source code, put in a log comment to
describe what you changed.  This helps other authors decide if they
should review the change soon, or just when they get around to it.
The log comment box on the wiki editor is just above the Save button.
The "/* SECTION TITLE */" message that appears automatically sometimes
is not a comment - please add your comment after that.

Thanks and season's greetings!

MJ Ray (slef), member of www.software.coop, a for-more-than-profit co-op.
http://koha-community.org supporter, web and library systems developer.
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