[Koha] A question for users of Koha, about searching

Heather_Hernandez at nps.gov Heather_Hernandez at nps.gov
Sat Oct 27 04:06:29 NZDT 2012


Owen wrote:
> When was the last time you used the advanced search form, and why did
> you choose it over the default search?

The very last time I used it was to see if we owned a periodical with a
generic title: Short stories

Our advanced search (
http://keys.bywatersolutions.com/cgi-bin/koha/opac-search.pl ) let me
select title phrase: Short stories
And all of our periodical item types.
(Turns out we didn't own it--yet!  I'm cataloging the issues we've received
with sea stories in them today.)

I hear from our reference staff that they use the advanced search this way
quite often, since often requested periodicals have titles with extremely
common words (in our catalog) such as:

I use it in the staff client to search by barcode quite often as well, or
for items with rather generic terms as access points that I know are
shelved in distinctive locations (e.g., rare).  I also use the advanced
search (in the staff or public client) for author with a  word (e.g., the
author's name is something common like "Jones" and the title words are
common ones like "Sea adventure" so the combo really narrows the results

Hope this is helpful!  Cheerio,
Heather Hernandez
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