[Koha] Improving the advanced search form

Gay Richards g.richards at auckland.ac.nz
Thu Oct 25 15:45:24 NZDT 2012

Agree advanced search could and should be improved, but don't like example suggested.

I generallly like the "look: of the Koha advanced search page. The problem (apart from any accessibility issues) is that some functions don't work as one might expect - as outlined below. Also:

We would like to turn off or limit languages to onees that are actually available in our catalog.

The Search for additional content types is really misleading as it relies on codes from marc field 008 which may or may not have been used.
I'm sure I have other issues with this screen and I would be keen to discuss any improvements further. We support anything that makes it more accessible too.  Gay

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On 25 October 2012 14:55, Srikanth Dhondi <srikanth at catalyst.net.nz> wrote:
> Hi there,
> I am currently working on improving accessibility of koha opac site 
> with our accessibility expert.
> One of the things we noticed is that the advanced search option is not 
> only confusing for blind users but also even for normal users.
> I have noticed the following issues with it:
> 1) By default the Fewer Options option is selected, which is not 
> obvious to the normal users until they click on More Options.
> 2) The layout could be a lot better, in particular the Fewer Options 
> search form is quite abstract in what it does.
> For example, the default boolean operator is AND which is not obvious 
> to even normal user.
> In my opinion, layout similar to the one 
> http://kea.massey.ac.nz/search/X, is better.
I'm going to disagree and say that site is horrid :)

Maybe others will have different opinions though.

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