[Koha] Help needed with report - how to extract subtitle and edition?

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I think in this case you need to make the report using the xml field in biblio items table because the rest of sub fields you will find there

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Subject: [Koha] Help needed with report - how to extract subtitle and	edition?
Date: Wed, Oct 24, 2012 11:23 pm

I'm trying to catch duplicate items in data before I upload it (ISBN won't
help in this case). In order to do that I've written a report to list the
books currently in Koha, and will compare them with my external files.
 However, if I can't include the subtitle (MARC 245 b) I will get too many
false positives (we have lots of things with the same title, but different
It would also help if I could  also have the 250 a (edition)

This is what I have:
FROM items
 LEFT JOIN biblioitems on
LEFT JOIN biblio on (biblioitems.biblionumber=biblio.biblionumber)
WHERE items.itype='BK' AND items.holdingbranch='VWML'
ORDER BY biblio.author asc

This works fine, but doesn't include the 245 b or the 250 a  Can anyone
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