[Koha] Some thoughts about an »official« Koha LiveCD

Vimal Kumar V. vimal0212 at gmail.com
Sat Oct 20 23:52:38 NZDT 2012

Dear Friends,

I posted the same in Koha-devel list.
Thank you for your suggestions on Live CD/DVD.

I started to work for Live CD/DVD.
In my experience Remastersys is the right tool to make Live CD/DVD.
It has provision to make ISO in backup mode.
So we can include user account and related files too.

Remastersys with Ubuntu 12.04 is successful.
Both live mode and installer are working well.
I started with Ubuntu 12.04 ISO image.
One problem with size of the CD/DVD. I removed many heavy applications like
Libreoffice etc.
Even though it size about 800 MB.

I strictly followed the instructions from following link to install Koha,
I found that Z39.50 does not download records.
When try to search records from z39.50 servers, it says Try another search.
Anybody noticed this problem with 3.8.5?
We have to solve this problem.

Koha CD/DVD should be easy to use.
We have to think about Koha newbies in mind when making CD/DVD.

I am preparing for a family tour and I return only on October 24.
So I am little bit hurry and have to started to prepare bag packs.
I would like to put forward more ideas from your side to improve the live


Vimal Kumar V.
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