[Koha] Path to upgrade from 3.2 installed with deb packages to 3.8

Robin Sheat robin at catalyst.net.nz
Fri Oct 19 14:56:09 NZDT 2012

MJ Ray schreef op do 18-10-2012 om 10:17 [+0100]:
> Is there an advantage in doing it that way, rather than editing the
> package configuration file to load the data dump as the instance is
> set up, then commenting the data dump line out again?

Both should work just fine. There is the issue (or feature) that the
password of user id 1 (by default) will be reset to a random value if
you use the config file/--defaultsql to load a dump as it's really
intended to be a template.

Also, loading a dump is really easier:

zcat library-2012-10-19.sql.gz | sudo koha-mysql library

then just wait a while.

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