[Koha] Record matches in bulk MARC imports

Elaine Bradtke eb at efdss.org
Tue Oct 9 05:34:14 NZDT 2012

I am contemplating setting up different record matching rules since an ISBN
is lacking for many of our titles and I know there are some overlaps with
what's already in the system.

   - I would like to build a record matching rule on author, title and
   publication date. Has anyone done this already?
   - How can I see what the new parameters are doing before I import the
   staged records (at the point when they're still in the reservoir)? Just to
   make sure it is working as expected.  Is there a way to output a list of
   matched records at this stage?
   - As the staged records are imported, do you have the opportunity to
   interact with the matched records (say yes or no to import, or override the
   setting for individual matched records?)

Maybe I'm asking for too much control, but we've got lots of very similar
titles without ISBN (Twenty-four country dances for the year XXXX) in the
collection. Maybe I should upload these in smaller batches?

We're running 3.08.05.

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