[Koha] DOM versus GRS-1

Chris Cormack chrisc at catalyst.net.nz
Sun Oct 7 12:42:36 NZDT 2012

The real url is of course bugs.koha-community.org saving time typing might be handy in text speak land but I find using the actual url works better on the web :) 

Also this has already been reported, it is to do with dom using 001 as unique identifier.  If this isn't in fact unique problems occur. 
Check bugzilla there is a work around. 


Mason James <mtj at kohaaloha.com> wrote:

>On 2012-09-27, at 11:39 PM, Barry Cannon wrote:
>> ** Sorry if this double posted - having some problem with the list **
>> Hello,
>>        I recently upgraded a site from Koha 3.6 to 3.8.5 (via 3.8.3).
>> Shortly afterwards we noticed that there was quite a few biblios not
>> appearing on the search results even though they exist in the
>> After trying many, many things I decided to switch from DOM to grs-1
>> rebuild the indexes. This has resolved the problem and the search
>> are now correct. Switching back to DOM brings back the problem.
>> Does anyone know why this might be the case - broadly speaking.
>Should DOM
>> and grs create the same index result set by using different filters
>or are
>> these types of differences expected?
>> Thanks
>> Barry
>woah!!, that sounds like a bug
>would you please consider logging it at bugs.kc.org, with some details
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>Koha at lists.katipo.co.nz

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