[Koha] Avoid LiveCDs/LiveDVDs

clint.deckard clint.deckard at frontiers.co.nz
Sat Oct 6 18:54:56 NZDT 2012

Dear Vimal,
I applaud your efforts.
I believe Live CDs have a valuable place in allowing non-technical 
people the opportunity to try Koha.
Koha, particularly in the past, was not an easy piece of software to 
install and try, LiveCDs made it much easier. Although they may not be 
the ultimate choice by many for a 'production' system they are valuable 
none the less.
I appreciate your efforts. Thank you.

Best wishes,

Vimal Kumar V. wrote:
> Dear Friends,
> I am trying to build a Koha Live cd/dvd on Ubuntu 12.04.
> But the process is not completed yet.
> I tried Remastersys with Ubuntu 12.04 and found that it does not work.
> Now I am trying to work with UCK to build a live CD.
> I am ready to join the Koha team as Live CD/DVD release manager.
> Before that I have to find an ideal Ubuntu customization tool to build Koha
> Live DVD.
> My plan is that build  a ready to use Koha Live CD.
> Little bit customisations can make the live cd easy for Koha newbies.
> The lice can be use in live mode with installer.
> Regards,

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