[Koha] Avoid LiveCDs/LiveDVDs

Vimal Kumar V. vimal0212 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 3 22:17:55 NZDT 2012

Dear Friends,

Live CD/DVDs are essential part of any Free software project.
We can find that Live CD/DVDs are available in many popular Free software
projects like Dspace and Eprints.
Live CD/DVDs are easy to try and install for non techies. Manual
installation of Koha is difficult process for most of library professionals.
In the present situation, Koha project has not released official Live
CD/DVD. It is high time to think about the development of an official live
cd/dvd from Koha team.
In my experience, popularity of Koha increased in India after the
availability of live cd/dvd. Organising Koha workshops are now easy with
Koha Live cd/dvd. Installation of Koha by participants in workshops ate
good part of the time. Now participants can try Koha at home or workplace
after the workshop without much effort.

I had created a live cd and dvd based on Ubuntu 10.04 with the help of

But I could not develop a live cd based on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS due to its
incompatibility with Remastersys.
Lot of other live cd/dvds are available and useful for community; library
professsionals, LIS teachers, students and research scholars.
I request Koha community and developers should think about the release of
official Koha Live CD/DVD.
Then only we can achieve uniformity in Koha Live CD/DVD development and

Vimal Kumar V.
Mahatma Gandhi University Library
Kottayam, Kerala- 686 560
Web: http://www.vimalkumar.org
Blog: http://linuxhalwa.blogspot.com http://kohageek.blogspot.in
"I forget what I was taught. I only remember what I have learnt"
-Patrick White

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