[Koha] Avoid LiveCDs/LiveDVDs (was Re: zebra problem)

Mark Tompsett mtompset at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 2 22:16:48 NZDT 2012


> i'm using koha live cd by mizstik.

"Note that I am no longer actively developing this project (as of now) due 
to day job workload. However, the existing versions should continue to 

The difficulty with LiveCD's is that they are typically out of date by the 
time you get them. His LiveCD is using Koha 3.2.5, I believe. This is 3 
major versions behind the most recent release (3.8.5). If you insist on 
using LiveCDs/LiveDVDs, might I suggest finding one that is at least 
3.8.something in the version number of Koha. It is my understanding that the 
Koha community does not recommend LiveCDs/LiveDVDs in general.

I know this doesn't address your zebra problem, and I apologize that I can't 
speak to that.

Mark Tompsett 

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