[Koha] US-Centric question - SOPA/PIPA protest blackout on k-c.org tomorrow (US time)?

Liz Rea lrea at nekls.org
Wed Jan 18 08:45:44 NZDT 2012

To address a few of these concerns:

The "blackout" I'm going to apply will not be a strict black out. More like throwing a blanket over the lamp - people will still be able to click through to our site, and they'll only see the protest once if they have cookies enabled.

Re: solidarity with other countries fighting bad laws - I (personally) welcome any similar requests from any community member who feels that it might be helpful for the community to take a stance on an issue such as SOPA/PIPA. Certainly, any request sent to the list (as this one was) should be considered in the spirit of international cooperation.  

Liz Rea
lrea at nekls.org

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On Jan 17, 2012, at 1:22 PM, MJ Ray wrote:

> Liz Rea <lrea at nekls.org>
>> It would be easy to participate in the SOPA/PIPA web blackout protest tomorrow on koha-community.org, should we?
>> Good idea? Bad idea? 
> If this means taking the websites offline, then I feel it's an awful
> idea for many reasons: firstly, it's self-harm, hurting our friends
> and not directly affecting our opponents; secondly, US websites didn't
> protest or go offline while Brits were fighting EUCD, RIPA, IPRED and
> so on (solidarity is not a one-way street and I see no prospect that
> US websites will go offline for future foreign issues); it
> demonstrates that the web can survive without those who oppose; and
> probably more reasons I've not thought of quickly.
> Protest banners/posts: +1
> Defeating ourselves with a blackout: -1
> Hope that explains,
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