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Thu Jan 5 10:05:08 NZDT 2012

So has the css been shared for the mobile website someplace?  I don't want to recreate any more wheels!

I've also looked at modifying existing code to create a mobile Koha, but what I have done requires manual updates to templates etc..  Plus it was done PRE-Template Toolkit...  So now I need to clean it up for submission under the 3.6 using TT.


David Schuster
Library Technology Coordinator
Plano ISD

---- Henri-Damien LAURENT <henridamien.laurent at biblibre.com> wrote: 
> Le lundi 14 novembre 2011 à 13:12 -0500, Ian Walls a écrit :
> Nucsoft OSS Labs mentioned at KohaCon 2012 that they're commissioned
> to write a Mobile OPAC for one of their customers.  Hopefully one of
> their team can provide some more details on what this will entail.
> BibLibre also indicated they were working on a mobile CSS.  Two
> different ByWater partners have also expressed interest in making this
> happen.
We did it.
You can test it here :


using css only is quite interesting because : 
 - easy to maintain
 - all the OPAC features
less smoothly integrated in the mobile phone.
requires internet connection.

> I think what needs to happen next is the community needs to get
> together and come up with a list of features and design styles that
> should make up a Mobile OPAC, and put together a implementation plan
> on which to do first.  If we have a unified specification out there,
> all these different parties can work together towards the same goal,
> rather than having half a dozen different implementations floating
> around out there.
> Some questions to ask:
>       * CSS-based, or a new template?
>       * What features first?  Search and biblio details seem obvious.
>         What about user logged-in features?
>       * Specific features for mobiles, like integration with GPS,
>         compass, accelerometer and camera?  This may require
>         OS-specific apps, but would make the model tool that much more
>         appealing

Henri-Damien LAURENT

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