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Tomas Cohen Arazi tomascohen at gmail.com
Tue Jan 3 07:50:33 NZDT 2012

I'd set two different Koha's and use vufind to replace the opac, and mix
them both.

For the patrons, an ldap database.

El 02/01/2012 10:59, "BWS Johnson" <abesottedphoenix at yahoo.com> escribió:

> Kia ora!
> >>  I would like try use MARC21 and Unimarc in the same system. So I do
> like
> >>  this "1.MARC Bibliographic framework
> >
> > I'm fairly sure that's a bad idea and not possible. The differences
> > between them (in terms of Koha internals) is a lot more than just the
> > MARC type. My natural instinct from the bit quoted would have to be "run
> > away screaming" :)
> >
> > Probably not related to the error you're getting though.
> >
> > Most likely you've got your system set to something (say, MARC21) and by
> > trying to add data in UNIMARC format you're missing out some required
> > fields, or they're being parsed in quite a different fashion, such that
> > it breaks.
> >
> > Even if you fixed that in Koha (which would be a huuuuge job), you'd
> > still have to deal with the fact that Zebra would hate you forever.
> >
>     This was my initial reaction, too. Then I turned it over in my head a
> few times, and there are occasions where I could think having data in both
> MARC21 and Unimarc would be handy. Places in Europe, say for the UN, might
> want to have both with good reason. So this is proper thinking in terms of
> saving the time of the reader.
>     I think the sticking point isn't at having both, but at having both
> try to occupy a single Koha at a single point in time. I wonder if one
> might work about the very nasty logical and bibliographic errors that are
> bound to result in executing this idea by having parallel Koha servers. One
> could be twiddled to have the parameters for MARC21, one could hold
> Unimarc. The tricky bit, perhaps, might be synching patron data and item
> data so that folks knew when summat was out. It would be important to have
> this element so that folks didn't have to consult 2 catalogues to get their
> information. 2 records related to a single item is challenging, but I don't
> think I would pigeon hole it as impossible. Highly improbable and difficult
> (read costly) to execute, definitely.
>     From a cataloguing perspective, I'd imagine it might be useful
> someplace larger, so logistically, I can see having a Unimarc cataloguer
> and a MARC21 cataloguer and never the twain need meet. (Not that one
> couldn't do both of course.)
> Cheers,
> Brooke
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