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Chris Cormack chris at bigballofwax.co.nz
Fri Dec 28 19:05:01 NZDT 2012

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Date: 28 December 2012 18:58
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 On 25/12/2012 9:31 a.m., Chris Cormack wrote:

Seasons greetings from New Zealand, so far the 25th is a day of blue skies
and sunshine. I hope wherever you are in the world and whatever the day
means to you that it is a good day.

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 Thanks many! Chris, our day was good because we did not have hot food in
the barbecue, or hot stove to watch, just a relaxed cold lunch around a
table. Mum trying to keep young Maia and her 8 month's old daughter
grabbing from the adult's food. No wine, just fresh lemonade and juice, and
a fruit salad for dessert.  Having 28 degrees inside made the oldies go to
sleep siesta, the girls squashed in the mini plastic pool, the cats
disappeared under shady bushes, and the rest lie on the grass in the hope
of a quick tan.
We were so happy and relaxed we didn't even play music.
As our family caught up with the latest news, I remembered the Koha family,
their spirit of sharing and togetherness. Wherever you are Members of the
Koha family, this coming 2013 will be a great year, to finish what we
started and keep the Koha family growing.
Silvia in Wellington.

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