[Koha] Circulation in Koha

Marc Véron veron at veron.ch
Mon Dec 10 21:17:24 NZDT 2012


Maybe it is a question of tanslation.

Checkout = imprestare qc. a qcn.
Place hold =  riservare qc. / prenotare qc.


Am 10.12.2012 09:00, schrieb Chris Cormack:
> * Sander898 (scrittore at hotmail.it) wrote:
>> Hi Chris,
>> thank you for your explanation.
>> So if I disable the AllowOnShelfHolds option, how can I give to a patron a
>> book?
>> I miss this passage, sorry.
> Just check it out (issue it) to them, you don't need to have a hold on
> something to have it issued to you.
> Have you worked with an ILS before?
> I think perhaps starting with the manual is a good start, holds are
> related to circulation, but you they are not required.
> Chris

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