[Koha] Circulation in Koha

Chris Cormack chrisc at catalyst.net.nz
Mon Dec 10 20:33:57 NZDT 2012

* Sander898 (scrittore at hotmail.it) wrote:
> Hi,
> thank you Liz, yes I have set a rule for All/library/patron and items.
> Thank you Francois, so the maxreserve value is set on 50; and I don't have
> set up any tables under the circulation rules matrix. Have I to do?
> I try to explain you better the situation:
> - I create a new record, with new item
> - i create a new patron
> I try to place an hold with this patron for the new item, but koha say that
> "No item are avilable for holds".
> To place an hold I have to set as "Allow" the AllowOnShelfHolds option.
Yes, that is exactly right, and what you need to do.

By default, Koha allows holds on items that are on loan (issue) to
people. If you want to allow a hold (reserve) on items that aren't on
loan you have to switch that preference on. So it is working as
designed and switching that option on was what you needed to do. To
allow people to place holds (reseves) on items that are on the shelf.

A hold is not an issue (loan) perhaps that is where you confusion
comes in. It is just saying you want to have that book in the future.
The library still has to check it out (issue) it to the the person.


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