[Koha] Debian and Koha Installation

Mark Tompsett mtompset at hotmail.com
Sat Dec 8 15:41:16 NZDT 2012


Installing Debian is technically beyond the scope of Koha installation 
instructions, so hopefully you can understand why that isn't covered well. 
Perhaps surfing over to http://www.debian.org/releases/stable/ might be 
handy to you. Beyond that, I can't help.

Perl is installed by default on most Linux distributions. There is no need 
to try to install it, unless you find you are using a distribution with a 
Perl version prior to 5.10.x -- which is the minimum version on Debian by 
default anyways, I believe. Complexities like perl brew, etc. are beyond the 
scope of the Koha installation instructions. So hopefully, you can 
understand why that isn't mentioned at all.

Installing MySQL is simple enough via a simple command (the following is an 
example and has not been tested in Debian):
   sudo apt-get install mysql-server mysql-client
Installation application packages (such as MySQL) using apt-get is implied 
in the requirements listed (http://koha-community.org/download-koha/):
"A reasonable level of comfort with the command line". So again, hopefully 
you can understand why that isn't covered well either.

And though I agree that the instructions for Koha being installed on Debian 
seem a little bare, they (http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Debian) are 
sufficient for those who are familiar with installation of applications in 
general. It is very difficult to write generic instructions that meet every 
level of user. I am sure that any improvements would be welcomed.

And if you have questions while installing it would be a good idea to join 
the the IRC channel (http://koha-community.org/get-involved/irc/) and ask 
your specific installation questions there. Granted, people are in various 
time zones and may not match up with yours, but if someone is there and is 
able to answer your question(s), you will be able to get through the install 
process much easier than emailing the list multiple times. They have helped 
me multiple times as I was walking through my testing of the installation 
documentation for Ubuntu.

Mark Tompsett 

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