[Koha] Koha users browser preference?

Zeno Tajoli z.tajoli at cineca.it
Wed Dec 5 21:46:01 NZDT 2012

Hi Suzanne,

Il 04/12/2012 23:46, Suzanne Fayle ha scritto:
> We are taking a look at the Koha ILS currently. 
>We haven't begun implementation yet but I figured sending a hello and question
> to the list wouldn't hurt. I'm curious to know if Koha works better in one browser
> over another browser? I understand that it works in all browsers but I'd like
> to hear what those using it think. Here we typically use Firefox, IE or Chrome on Windows.

the standard, as I know, is:

-- Opac: any browser, if you find a problem is a bug
Accessibility: we are tring to have an high standard. If you do a check
and you find problems on this topic, please share the results

-- Intranet: Firefox is the preferred browser. If you have a specific
problem with Opera/Chrome/Safary/IE and not with Firefox, you probably
nedd to sponsor the develop (but ask before).
Same libraries sponsored developers for IE-compatibility.
There is a huge use of CSS, JQuery and YUI. Probalbly all older browser
have problems.
Accessibility: in Intranet is not a hot topic.

Zeno Tajoli

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